Kent Berg

This website is about proving plagiarism, copyright infringement, and a bogus college degree claim. We are anonymous because we want this to be only about the facts, not personalities. The fact that we are anonymous does not change the facts. Anonymous tips solve crimes every day.

Please note that after this website was launched and Kent Berg was exposed ABRA revised its Code of Ethics on May 30, 2015 so that they could say Berg had not "been convicted of a crime" so therefore he had done nothing wrong. ABRA preaches about the "highest ethical standards" but when their founder and ABRA approved instructor is exposed for being a charlatan they rewrite their Code of Ethics to give him an out.

Many of you won't want to believe that what we say is true. If you read just a fraction of the information on this website, you will find that it is all true.

Since this information came to light Berg is now backpedaling by saying he didn't mean to do anything wrong. He new exactly what he was doing and now he has been exposed so he is spinning the story. He wants everyone to feel sorry for him because the "haters" are out to get him. Nothing could be further from the truth, all we are doing is bringing the facts out in the open. We wish we did not have to do this, but unlike ABRA we actually have high ethical standards, we just don't say we do like ABRA does.

Kent Berg, founder of the American Bio-Recovery Association (ABRA), owner of the National Institute of Decontamination Specialists (NIDS), owner of Decontamination Professionals International (now out of business) has built his career on plagiarism, copyright infringement, and fraud.

He has provided crime scene cleanup training, meth lab cleanup training, and advanced disinfection training by stealing the hard works of others.

On this website, we document at least 470 instances of plagiarism, copyright and trademark infringement, and 1 bogus college degree.

Some of you will say that we should not have created this website because it is negative press and that it will damage the industry. To you we say that what Berg has done has disgraced our industry beyond description. He is a man who claims to uphold the highest ethical standards and always take the high road, yet the evidence proves he has done the complete opposite.

Each page of this website addresses a particular "book" of Berg's and has full documentation of Berg's plagiarism. We challenge you to go to each page and review the evidence presented then download a PDF of any of the "books" in its entirety (containing all the plagiarism notations, links, and references) and see for yourself. Have an open mind and verify everything for yourself. All the evidence is there.

The Bogus Degree page proves Berg lied about having a Bachelor's Degree in Business Management and Biomedical Engineering from Howard University on his LinkedIn profile.

Berg needs to be called out on this. Berg has tarnished our industry beyond belief, and we must call him out for who and what he is so that our industry may begin to regain the trust of of the people.

Why does ABRA continue to allow him to be a ABRA approved instructor if the organization continues to boast about "upholding the highest ethical standards"?

The evidence proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that Berg is a serial plagiarist, copyright infringer, and liar.

Berg operates in two ways:

1) His MO is to be so nice that nobody would ever question him.

2) He thinks we are all so stupid that we would never notice that he could not have possibly written most of the material in his "books." Many of the materials he has plagiarized were written by people with advanced degrees. Some of his uncredited sources have PhDs or Master's degrees. And Berg thinks that we, his readers, are going to think the he, Berg, wrote highly sophisticated, highly technical, highly scientific text? Berg did not even graduate community college.

If you care about this industry share this info with others; what Berg has done is illegal and unethical.