Advanced Environmental Disinfection

This website is about proving plagiarism, copyright infringement, and a bogus college degree claim.

In his 170-page "book" titled Advanced Environmental Disinfection, we documented over 300 instances of plagiarism, copyright infringement, trademark infringement or piracy.

Below are four screenshots from Berg's book titled Advanced Environmental Disinfection.

The hyperlinks do not work in the screenshots; however, the hyperlinks in the PDFs do work and you can view the original source material that Berg stole from.

The textbooks were scanned. The scanning software is not perfect and some errors in spelling occurred during the scanning process.

Everywhere you see green or yellow highlighted text you are seeing plagiarized content.

Screenshot of the Preface to Berg's "book" titled Advanced Environmental Disinfection:

He didn't even write his own Preface; he had to steal the work of others. This is pathetic.

Screenshot of page 17 of Berg's "book" titled Advanced Environmental Disinfection:

Screenshot of page 19 of Berg's "book" titled Advanced Environmental Disinfection:

Screenshot of page 25 of Berg's "book" titled Advanced Environmental Disinfection. This example is extremely disturbing. Berg stole content from a non-profit organization that helps children who have infectious/fatal diseases. We are disgusted by this act of plagiarism:

Download this book here:

Click this link to download the entire Advanced Environment Disinfection "book" with all instances of plagiarism, and trademark and copyright infringement (4.8 MB PDF).

If you care about this industry share this info with others; what Berg has done is illegal and unethical.