Berg's Bogus College Degree

This website is about proving plagiarism, copyright infringement, and a bogus college degree claim.

This page is addressing Kent Berg's LinkIn profile and the bogus claims on it. Especially claiming had a degree in biomedical engineering when he didn't.

Since all of this info was released Berg has done his best to make excuses, divert the blame, and remove all the proof we have documented. We have proof and we have screenshots. The facts do not lie.

There are two major claims that are just not true.

1) He claims to have been the been the Director of the National Institute of Decontamination Specialists since 2000. This cannot be true because NIDS did not exist until 2006.

2) He claims a Bachelor's from Howard. What he is not telling you is that he is speaking about Howard Community College and he only took a few courses there in 1972 and he did not graduate with any degree. What he is wanting you to believe is that he obtained a Bachelor's Degree from Howard University.

Latest Update:

Now Berg has placed an asterisk (*) in the education area of his LinkedIn profile.

It appears like this: Howard, Catonsville, Greenville

Bachelor's*, business mgmt. / biomedical engineering

Please note that Howard, Catonsville, Greenville are all community colleges that do not offer a bachelor's program. He also never graduated from any of these community colleges with any degree. He has a history of consistently dropping out.

He thinks that it is OK to place an asterisk next to the word bachelor's because he hopes to get a bachelor's degree before he dies.

We guess that means we can all start placing the words astronaut, President, Doctor, King, Master's, PhD, etc in our resumes as long as we put an asterisk next to them, because after all we do hope to become the President of the United States someday before we die.

Berg must truly think we are all idiots.


Look what Berg has posted on his LinkIn profile:

"Started in 1972 taking criminal justice courses at Catonsville Community college but dropped out. In 1974 I took BioMedical Engineering classes at Howard Community College in Maryland, made class president, but again dropped out. Eventually moved to South Carolina and took business management courses at Greenville Community College with intention to transfer to four a year college for bachelors degree. Made Deans list each semester but county funding for classes ran out before I could graduate. Hope to finally get my bachelors degree before I die."

So Berg is now admitting he lied and all he has is a history of dropping out.

He now admits he lied and does not have a Bachelor's Degree.

Yet, he still has this on his profile:
Bachelors, business mgmt. / biomedical engineering".

For some reason he thinks that just because he intended to get a Bachelor's Degree (but didn't) he can just claim one? Thousands of dedicated and hard-working people EARNED theirs, while carrying a full load and working 2 or 3 jobs to put themselves through college, and he thinks he can just say he has one because he meant to get one?

Do the math. Berg has attended two community colleges on and off for 17 years (1972-1989) and has never graduated.

In spite of attending community colleges for a span of 17 years and never graduating, he just thinks he can go ahead and say he has a Bachelor's Degree in Bio-medical Engineering. Really? Bio-Medical Engineering? This is a guy that has never even earned an associates degree from a community college.

Even though Berg now admits he lied about having a Bachelor's he still lists a Bachelor's Degree on his profile.

Why did Berg list the school simply as Howard? Because he wanted the world to think he attended Howard University. Why did he want us to think he attended Howard University instead of Howard Community College? Because a person cannot earn a bachelor's degree at a community college.

Not only did he lie about having a bachelor's degree, he intentionally mislead us about which school he actually attended.

Berg has been plagiarizing and lying for so long he no longer knows what truth is. He thinks because he wants to get a Bachelor's one day that he is allowed to just go ahead and list a Bachelor's degree on his linked in profile.

Berg cannot have a Bachelor's Degree because he has never attended a University; he has only attended community colleges that do not and cannot issue any type of bachelor's degree!

This is what started it all:

As of November 9, 2013, Berg claimed on his LinkedIn profile that he obtained a Bachelor's Degree in Business Management and Biomedical Engineering from Howard 1989.

This struck us as a bit odd since in his book titled Advanced Environmental Disinfection he self-published in 2011, he claimed his highest education was two years at Greenville Community College.

It seemed to us that if he did indeed have a bachelor's degree from 1989 he would have listed it in 2011 instead of a community college.

In today's information age it is very easy to verify if someone attended a college and graduated with a degree.

We investigated.

Howard University nor Howard Community College have any record of Berg ever receiving any type of degree.

Also, what Berg claimed was Greenville Community College is actually called Greenville Technical College and yes, Berg did attend for two years, but he did not graduate with any degree.

He is making a mockery out of ABRA.

Berg thinks we are all so stupid that nobody will ever notice his lies, plagiarism, copyright infringement, and deception.

We noticed.

Below you will find a screenshot of Berg's LinkedIn profile as of November 9, 2013 and a screenshot of page 164 of the book Advanced Environmental Disinfection he self-published in 2011.

He is now in a predicament.

If he leaves his profile as-is then people can see his lie. If he changes his profile then he is admitting he lied.

We are guessing that Berg is going to change his profile or claim his LinkedIn account was hacked or some other double-talk excuse. (which he did late November 2013) When you read this Berg please realize we have done our homework. We have screen capture video of a member going through LinkedIn and checking out your profile step-by-step and documenting everything we say here.

Many of you have a LinkedIn account. Verify this for yourself.

Below is the screenshot from his 2011 book.

The IICRC Ethics Committee can verify college attendance and degrees online, very easily, quickly, and inexpensively.

If you would like to verify this yourself you may do so by using the verification organization of your own choosing. Here is some information you will need.

Kent Alan Berg
Date of birth: March 3, 1953
Claimed a Bachelor's Degree from Howard 1972-1989.
Greenville Technical College 1987-1989. (He called it Greenville Community College)

You will find he doesn't have a college degree of any kind and did not ever attend Howard University or Howard Community College.

He lied on his LinkedIn profile.

If you care about this industry share this info with others; what Berg has done is illegal and unethical.